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This year in Hindi Cinema hasn’t been great for the makers and viewers alike. We have seen many hyped films which turned out to be let downs. Newton gives us a refreshing breather from the monotony.

Newton takes us through a day in the lives of people who have the responsibility of conducting elections in dangerous jungle terrains of Chattisgarh. Rajkummar Rao is Newton Kumar who takes up the challenge of presiding over the arrangements when one of his collegues backs out citing pretexts. The ever so eternal Newton’s apple finds place in the script when Newton Kumar bites on one whilst reading the election comminsion’s manual. He is earnest to follow the rules laid out herewith and though he isn’t not innovative himself, but looks forward to carrying out the directions given to him.

Aatma Singh, played by Pankaj Tripathi enters as the officer who is responsible for the security of Newton and his team and he tests the patience and integrity of Newton. His sole aim is to detract Newton from carrying out his duties at every turn. Newton and his team simply want to set up a polling booth in a government school in a far flung area and to register at least 76 tribals’ votes.

The screenplay written by Masurkar and Mayank Tripathi delves into the elaborate details of how India’s election system works and what makes it somewhat of a success even with the flaws in its execution.

Newton is a comedy with dark hues and has its moments of dread and thrills. It makes you realise our capability of bringing a positive change in our social fabric. Rajkummar Rao performs exceptionally well and we want to see more of him in mainstream Cinema.

In dealing with the mundane characters, the screenplay writers Masurkar and Mayank Tiwari touch upon vast subjects like tribal suppression, maoist mentality and prevalent corruption of our system that prevents its smooth running. Newton makes you review your contribution in building the nation even while it keeps you engrossed in the elections and their outcome. We have incredible Cinema on our hands right now and shouldn’t give it a miss.

P.S.: Newton is India’s official entry to Oscars this year.

My Rating: 4/5


Back to roots

A heartfelt and beautiful depiction of Indian Folk Art by Amethyst Bearer.
Must read and like.


“Back to roots” is a collection of paintings that I have created to bring the real ethos of the art from my country, India, to life.

Indian cultural milieu is so diverse and so is the subject of the paintings that belong to India. In general, Indian folk art painting includes a brilliant mix of calendar and wall paintings, acrylics, oil, canvas and cloth paintings, cave paintings, miniatures and so on. The most famous types of Indian folk art paintings are Madhubani, Phad, Kalamkari, Orissa Paata, Warli paintings and so on.

In this collection of my paintings, there are pictorial depictions of popular Hindu deities. The collection so far has two paintings.


The first painting is of Lord Ganesha. A lot of admirers of this painting cannot talk enough about the way I have brought a slight feminine side to this painting of Lord Ganesha. The reason you see such…

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PK – Review

PK is just OK!

I went for PK with very high expectations.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad film. It’s subtly funny, carries a message (too obvious one) and bores you in places.


Putting it simply, PK is an “OH MY GOD” déja vü. Even a couple of dialogues are directly lifted from Oh My God, like when PK talks about feeding the milk to some poor guy instead of pouring it on a Shiv Linga. I do not disagree; the only thing that lets me down is a lack of imagination on Rajkumar Hirani’s part.

Having said that, PK is a good movie, for kids and elders. But the kind of movies that Bollywood has been churning out recently, one wonders if they are utterly underestimating the intellect of the Indian audience. Majority of the movies are made for simple entertainment and these movies do not stir anything in you. They vanish from your mind by the time the credits start rolling.

PK does have layers but nothing that stimulates thoughts. It does not leave any aftereffects because we have seen it all before. It is funny in places but fails to make you empathise with the characters.

Munnabhai series by Hirani was so thought provoking! He started slipping slightly since 3 Idiots and proves himself as just another director with PK. Ranbir Kapoor appears in a totally unnecessary cameo.

I would recommend this movie if you want to watch something with the family this weekend. Do not expect a mind boggling experience.  Just relax and enjoy it for the fun movie that Hirani wanted it to be.

Last, but not the least, what’s with Anushka??????


  She has mutilated her face and whenever she’s in the frame, you cannot get past her lip job. It’s plain weird!!!!
And distracting!! You cannot concentrate on what she’s saying. You Gotto look at her weird lips and wonder “What happened there?”

Coming back to the movie, Amir Khan acts really well but cannot support a run down script too much. We don’t need preaching, not such an obvious one anyway. Respect the audiences’ intelligence a little,  Mr. Hirani.

My Rating – 3.5/5


Haider – A Hamlet adaptation

Hats off to Vishal Bharadwaj, to his understanding of Hamlet and his audacity to rewrite it. The way he transforms the insanity of Hamlet, to the passion of Haider is praiseworthy.Nobody else could have transformed the undefined complacence of Shakespeare’s Ophelia to the spunk of Bhardwaj’s Arshee.

On a different note, it’s for the first time in Indian cinema that someone has tried to understand and depict the politics, the struggles and the dilemmas of Kashmiris, although missing from the scene are the sufferings of Kashmiri Pandits, who left their homes and hearth and whose Zamindars had to live in tents for years because of the militancy and betryal of their own neighbours and friends from the other community.

For That, one cannot Blame Bharadwaj, as the movie is set in 1995, when all the Pandits had already been evicted from their homes, half a decade back.
Still he manages to cite the role of ISI in the destruction of a valley, once comparable to heaven. He does that in the form of ‘Roohdar’, who so ominously says ” you can die, but I will prevail, as I am the soul”. So have countless Kashmiri youth died at the hands of the Roohdar from across the border.

When young Haider sings “Jaago Jaago subah hui”, every Kashmiri who has gone through that phase in 1990s, must have got goosebumps.
When Kulbhushan Kharbanda, and later on Tabu, says that “Revenge begets Revenge, It can’t fetch you freedom “, you can’t help but relate it to the massacre that people of Kashmir had to go through at the hands of their own neighbours, sometimes their own friends.


The scene where Haider kills Salman and Salman reminds me of the place in Mecca where the devil is stoned. And one’s pilgrimage doesn’t complete without pelting stones at the devil. It is Shahid’s film after all. He has done complete justice to his role, and more. He is one of the most underrated actors of our times. His dancing and expressing the complete story’s gist in “mat mil”, makes you want to give him a well deserved standing ovation.

To sum it, Vishal Bharadwaj has done justice to Shakespeare’s Hamlet but made it his own Haider, with such beauty, grace and gore that you cannot leave the hall without taking a piece of it with you. It makes you think.. And think you do.


The only two flaws I could find with it are a lack of proper editing towards the end, where the movie drags a little; And not depicting Arshee’s suicide like Shakespeare wrote Ophelia’s death. Had it been shot exactly like that, it could have been a landmark scene in the movie.

I give Haider 4.5/5 stars



Finding Fanny – Slow Death


Just came back from watching Finding Fanny. Read the review by Raja Sen on Rediff, in the morning and trusting him, I committed the blunder of going and watching it today.

My friend who went with me played Candy Crush the whole time. She is a fan of masala movies, so I wouldn’t blame her. But I like all kinds of movies. My choice of movies ranges from Shawshank Redemption to Hangover, from DDLJ to Lunchbox, from Ijaazat to Wanted. I enjoy all kinds of movies, but this one was empty. Nothing to understand, no pace, no flow and no layers even.

You can’t call it a mainstream Bollywood movie, or an Art movie or even a movie for the multiplex audience. People were literally leaving the hall midway.

I can’t blame the actors at all. They try their best and are the only saving grace of this otherwise loosely scripted movie.


Naseeruddin Shah doesn’t get to show his talent, which he has no scarcity of otherwise. I would say the story gives him a chance but the script does not. Deepika Padukone tries her best but I feel that Homi doesn’t know what to do with this superstar who is turning into a wonderful actress.

Arjun Kapoor lacks the much needed chemistry and Pankaj Kapur’s character doesn’t get a chance to develop.  What a waste!

All I want to say to Raja Sen- REALLY!!!!!

My Rating – 2/5
(Only for the fine actors that are wasted here)

Another thing I’m sick of: blaming fat women for our lack of clothing options

I am a size 16 and I completely agree!
Having said that, I have found the trends changing in our favor now. We have more options available online, although they are not as pretty as the ones available to the skinny ones, but it’s a start.
I have noticed that when an online site like or put up a new section for women’s formals or even casual ethnics, the sizes that are sold out first are plus sizes.
Just last week when I went with a friend (she must be a size 18) for shopping in a mall here, I was pleased to see that they did have options available for her size too. On the contrary, even an year back whenever I used to go to to shop, it used to infuriate me. It was like we fatties didn’t exist at all! Even brands like Zara or Mango do not have clothes above size 36 or 38 😦 and if u go to Marks & Spencer, you will find clothes in your size and many options but they are so ugly and fit so badly that makes you wonder what they were thinking! You put on a pair of pants and they will look like they are holding a bag of potatoes in them.
I would definitely recommend trying pineapple. The best fit ever!
So, designers and pretty stuff makers! If you’re listening, please start making clothes for us too. We exist too!

Tutus And Tiny Hats

rack of floofy betsey johnson dresses Give me the pretties, pleeeeease.

While I’m on a roll of ranting about things that piss me off, here’s another one: the recent trend of blaming the lack of plus size clothing options on the supposed buying habits of plus size customers. This piece in TIME, and this one on Fashionista are two examples, and they make me so viscerally angry that it’s hard to respond articulately–but I’ll try.

“[R]eal change for plus-size fashion will come when customers make more conscious purchasing decisions,” claims the TIME piece. Hahahahaha, no. Real change will come when companies realize that fat women are people and start making clothes in our size. It’s kind of ridiculous to insist that fat women’s shopping choices must be the issue, when our whole problem is that we don’t have enough options to choose from in the first place.

In the Fashionista article, a blogger named…

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