Dilwale – DDLJ couple does not a good film make.

Making movies is not like making a khichdi. When you make a khichdi, you put in all the ingredients in a pan and let it simmer till its done and the khichdi tastes the same eveytime. But in a movie, you need creative adjustments and fine tuning of all the ingredients to make it delectable. You cannot mix Shahrukh and Kajol from your DDLJ hangover,  add two funny Varuns and another pretty face and expect the movie to be a landmark one. Dilwale never raised my expectations but still didn’t fail to disappoint. 


‘Kajol-Shahrukh’do not a DDLJ make and it looks like even Kajol is wondering here what she signed up for. Chennai Express was much better than this Rohit Shetty flick. It looks like they have taken the audience for granted and feel that whatever they serve is,  will be lapped up and 100-200-300 crores will be earned in a jiffy. This movie makes one wonder if one should actually spend the time and money to watch this crappy mixture of 'stars' or instead light the money up in a bonfire and be a little warmer this winter.

The sense on dejà vû is not lost with the usual Rohit Shetty routine of burning cars and making them fly. It is getting old now and in his next movie, he should keep cars off the screen or at least keep them on the ground and maybe give them away in charity after the shooting wraps up. Dilwale will bore you and you will wonder why you left the warmth of your bed this morning. Was it for this?


The song Gerua stands out for it’s visualisation and color palette. But don’t be fooled. The rest of the movie is just the contrast. You don’t take a romantic couple who have been doing the same thing movie after movie and make them do that, add what YOU have been doing movie after movie, and hope that it works somehow.

Thanks to the Shiv Sena ban on this movie, many people may have been spared the horror of watching this narcissistic load of junk in theatres and saved their hard earned money too. The humor is juvenile, the action repetitive, the romance lacklustre and the movie is a sure miss. Rohit Shetty needs to get off his trip and realise that it is the audience that he’s making the movie for, not for his personal viewing. The only ray of hope is Sanjay Mishra, who inspires some laughs occasionally.


The Indian audience deserves better than an old wine in an old bottle. At least make the bottle new!

Dilwale did have the potential to be something better but I think, you may give this one a miss and stay home this weekend.

My Rating: 2/5


One thought on “Dilwale – DDLJ couple does not a good film make.

  1. The irony s same Srk fans who trashed rohit SHETTY movies, totally lapped him up, the day chennai was announced. Reality s rohit SHETTY never gave class bt his golmaal etc were more fun than his Srk starrers which hv been total bakwaas.


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