Bajirao Mastani – A visual treat

Like all Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies, Bajirao Mastani is a feast for the eyes. While Sawariya was a blue toned movie by SLB, Bajirao Mastani is an earthy toned movie like Bajirao Peshwa’s personality who was a great Maratha Warrior and a true son of the soil. SLB has beautifully picturised the emotional struggles of Kashibai, Bajirao and his beloved Mastani. You can feel the passion between the lead pair and the helplessness of Kashibai at her heart being broken and her ego being crushed like any woman whose husband is in love with another woman.


While most of Bhansali’s previous films have been based on fiction and classic literature, this is his first attempt at a historical and he delivers by depicting the beauty and grandeur of the 18th Century Maratha rulers. Bajirao, who is a Brahmin Peshwa, falls in love with a half muslim dancer-warrior, Mastani and as they say, the rest is history. There are differences of religion, status and the fact that Bajirao is already married to the Innocent but brave Kashibai.


Deepika fits the bill perfectly, be it on the battlefront, in her armour or in the Sheesh Mahal with her glittery, flowy, layered Anarkalis. Speaking of Anarkali, The song Deewani Mastani is a beautiful odé to the immortal ‘Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya ‘. Trust Bhansali to picturise this magnum opus. He does the one thing he is best at and manages to mesmerise us everytime with the ethereal Cinematography and Art, present in all his movies. The only thing I found a little off place, was the casting of Ranveer Singh. He is a good actor but not graceful enough to make this character completely believable. His childish energy as an amateur in his field conflicts with the character that Bajirao Peshwa could have been.


Tanvi Azmi’s character as Bajirao’s mother is convincing but very brief for such a fine actress. But we are not complaining as it is not her story. Priyanka Chopra fits in more in ‘Pinga’ than Deepika does, but that is fine too,  as Kashibai is a true blood Maratha, whileas Mastani is not. Priyanka is convincing in her depiction of the helpless wife Kashibai, which is a character quite contrary to her real life values.


The movie drags in places and the war scenes are brief too,but it emerges a winner, all thanks to it grandeur and an opera like quality that most of Bhansali’s movies have.

You can watch it this weekend and lose yourself in a bygone era for a few hours.

My Rating: 3.5 /5


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