Indian law is based on one rule, ” Even if ten criminals go Scot free, an innocent person should never be punished for a crime”. And crore of cases pending in our courts are a testimony to that. Our judicial system takes its time and more than its due share of time to deliver justice, probably to ensure that a defendent or an accused gets ample time and a fair chance to prove his innocence before a verdict is passed. But does that always happen? That is the question raised in Talvar.


The movie delves into the casual attitude that our police system shows in investigation of crimes, their callousness and indifference for the sufferings of the people involved and their sheer inefficiency at their jobs. Having said that, there are honest and efficient officers too but all that happens to them is that they get suspended and transferred as soon as their presence becomes a tad uncomfortable for the higher ups.

As Meghna Gulzar intended while making this film, it does not explore the emotion of the people involved. It just touches that subject and boomerangs back to the technicality and the flow of the investigation that happened, using the Rashomon effect.  There are so many different things that could have happened and we’re either left undiscovered or the police simply did not bother about discovering them.

Talvar is crisp, fast paced and intelligently made. Irfan Khan shines in his role as the CBI investigator Ashvin Kumar who is impeccable and efficient at his job. Konkona Sen Sharma is brilliant as usual and so is Tabu in her short but impactful role.  The references to Ijaazat and Kabhi Kabhi make you smile briefly, amidst and despite all the tension.


To sum it, Meghna Gulzar is a brilliant daughter of a legendary father and has been an ingenious director, right since Filhaal. We wait for her next venture and hope that she doesn’t take this much time to dole that out.

In the end, we hope that the Arushi murder case,  instead of being tried on TV channels, is tried properly and subjectively again and investigated by an efficient and non biased team. Hope that justice is eventually met.

My Rating: 4.5/5


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