Singh is Bling

When I was watching this movie, the lady sitting next to me was laughing incessantly.  And hence I saw the representation of the person who makes movies like Happy New Year, Bol Bachchan and now Singh is Bling enter the 100 crore club. It reminded me of a dialogue from another movie, where the female protagonist learns that she is pregnant with a daughter and her prayer is, “God, make my child stupid enough to be happy”. Having said that, a majority of people have this kind of a sense of humor and that’s what benefits mediocre and outright silly movies like Singh is Bling and earns their producers in crores.


There’s nothing Blinging about this Singh.  Akshay Kumar is a star and has a certain fan following and that is why he can afford to act in a movie with lousy screenwriting, lazy direction by Prabhideva and a bumpy editing. Some jokes and scenes are directly lifted from videos forwarded on whatsapp, like the one in which Raftaar Singh’s friend who is acting as a chicken. Lara Dutta is seen brushing up her acting skills which have rusted a bit after her long break.

Rati Agnihotri’s role could have been a little more elaborate and some well written scenes for her would have garnered some genuine laughs. But the irony is that in our movies,  specially the hit ones, the star hogs all the camera time and leaves little room for an ensemble cast to perform. Amy Jackson tries her best in all the action sequences and may have potential if she chooses the right roles for herself.


Singh is Bling wastes your time if you have an actual sense of humour and are not stupid enough to be tickled easily. I would suggest you give this one a miss and don’t waste your money. It will anyway be on TV in a couple of months.

My Rating :2/5


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