The Martian

In Cast Away, Tom Hanks had trees, fish and water and some balls for friends. In The Last man on Earth, Will Forte has all the supermarkets and malls in the world at his disposal. In The Martian, Matt Damon has an inhospitable environment,  where it’s impossible to even breathe. But again, he is the Best Botanist on the whole planet and he Science’s the shit out of Mars. Based on the book with the same name by Andy Weir, The Martian has a major flaw,  scientifically speaking but we let that go just for the sake of creative liberty.


The storm which leads to the crew of NASA’s manned mission to Mars, ARES to leave a crew member behind, would actually not even be able to lift a paper,  considering the air density on Mars. But the Botany of The Martian is impeccable as Mark Watney manages to grow a crop of potatoes on Mars and therefore “colonised” the planet.

The Martian is crisp, precise and very technical. If you haven’t paid attention to those chemistry lessons in school, you might feel a little lost in places, but never bored. It is predictable in places, but keeps you interested. It isn’t an edge of seat entertainment but definitely has its moments.


Purell , the astrophysicist is a little over excited and irritable, and the character is a tad annoying.  Except that, everyone else’s performance is impeccable.  Am sure they have used a body double for Matt Damon towards the end and it looks a little made up then. Vincent Kapoor is another mistake that the casting director has made. He looks nothing like a Kapoor should look but his character is endearing.

The climax rescue scene is good but could have been a nail biting,  edge of the seat fiasco, but the movie on the whole and including the climax, somehow lacks a certain spunk. Having said that, you must watch The Martian. You never know,  you might get stuck on another planet sometime and this movie will definitely teach you how to grow potatoes there and hence colonise it!

My Rating: 3.5/5


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