Angrej’s mother has no qualms about singing about “Gheesi” but she breaks into a literal fit and chest-beating as soon as she hears the word “pyaar”. Such was the cultural setup in India in the 1940s that Love was something our ancestors were skeptical about speaking of. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t fall in love. They did, but never dared to do anything about it. Angrej (Amrinder Gill)  does and that too “Ruh-ton”. He falls in love and has the courage to act upon it by gifting his sweetheart laddoos and jalebis and going to the extent of selling his only buffalo to buy her a gold bangle, which she does wear, eventually.


He wishes to marry her and it takes courage, which he has an abundance of.  As he tells Sargun later, “kaayar taa o hunda ae jo kisi Kudi de dil vich pyar jagave tay uski nibhaan di neeyat na hove”.


What steals your heart is the simplicity of this village lad, who does not give up even after Maadho (Aditi Sharma)  snubs him for greener pastures. You feel for him and you cheer for him when he decides between the two leading ladies.

You will come across some brilliant performances in Angrej. Amrinder Gill has upped his game and reaches another level of superstardom with Angrej. Ammy Virk entertains you with his dialogue delivery and it just does not look like it’s his debut movie. He acts well as the letch Haakam Singh with a roving eye and succeeds in annoying you. Aditi Sharma is a subtle actress with finesse and makes her character so believable that you find yourself angry with her for doing what she does to Angrej. Sargun is good as effervescent Dhan Kaur and you can’t help but adore her.


Nirmal Rishi, Aneeta Devgan, Sardar Sohi and last but not the least, Binnu Dhillon have played their characters with an authenticity that grips you into the movie and the movie never loses pace. Binnu Dhillon makes you laugh with his enactment of the ever supportive friend Aslam.  Aneeta Devgan makes you laugh when she’s scandalised by her son falling in love “again” and her naivete makes you adore her.

Angrej has a very simple story buy the treatment is extraordinary. For this, the credit goes to the director Simerjit Singh and of course the writer Amberdeep Singh. Together, they create moments, which you remember long after the movie is over and just to recheck if you missed anything, you may want to go and watch it again and again ( I’ve watched it thrice till now ☺). The movie creates some memorable moments which is a time tested sign of any successful movie. It stays with you long after you come out of the movie.


Navneet Missar paints a beautiful picture alongwith Rashid Rangrez and together they take you to another era into the pre partition rural Punjab. Another hero of the movie is the music score by Jitendra Shah, who leaves you mesmerised with some everlasting melodies.

A special mention for the Producers J Studio and Dara Productions for bringing together a team that has undoubtedly given us a true classic of Punjabi Cinema. You are going to want to keep the dvd with you to watch it again and again, just for the way this movie makes you feel… Happy.

My Rating: 4.5/5


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