Drishyam in Hindi is a remake of “Malayalam Drishyam”, which has been made into many other South India languages, with lead actors like Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan, which in turn is a remake of a Korean movie “Suspect X”, which in turn is adapted from a 2005 novel by Keigo Higashino, “The Devotion of Suspect X”! Phew!!!!


Hence, the movie has a lot of baggage to carry and tries it best to do so. Only in this process, it loses the chance to become a classic in its own right. It has been well made but having read the book, then having watched Suspect X and then having watched the Malayalam and other version of Suspect X, the director Nishikant Kamat loses his creative vision in the process and maybe tries to adapt things from all the previous versions of the movie.

What we get is a movie that you may watch once, but may not want to go to if the theatre is more than 2 kilometers from your home. Having said that, the movie is not bad, but the fault lies with the concept development and director’s vision.

It does not come across as thrilling at it could and should have been with the actors it has and with the obvious amount of moolah spent in making the movie. Ajay Devgan’s character, who is a cable operator and is barely literate, surprisingly still has a huge villa for a home (Am thinking of being a cable operator myself now 😜). 


He seems to be too comfortable and probably aspires to be like Salman Khan,  who just has to stand there and the audience break into a dance in theatres. But alas, he is no Salman and wastes himself in the effort of acting like he is or better still, not acting much.

Tabu is at her best, like she always is but she just does the best she can do. Even she can’t bring the movie out of the abyss that it’s director throws it into. At least the dialogues could have been better. And if not that, at least their delivery could have.


I like Ajay Devgan as an actor and absolutely loved him in most of his movies. He has so much potential ♥

My Rating: 4/5


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