Piku – Movie Review

I was looking forward to this one. One of my cousins recommended it and then I read some reviews too. I hesitate when I contradict the popular beliefs, but then isn’t this all about my opinion?


I tried to like Piku, the movie and the character both. I empathised with the character, but didn’t like the movie. It isn’t as crisp as it should have been as a unit. If you disintegrate it into the essential components that make a good movie, you may not be able to find a fault, but the combination of everything that it constitutes of, doesn’t quite make it. It has excellent performances by Amitabh (I wouldn’t dare to find a fault with this veteran) and Deepika. She is getting better everyday and inspite of the brave front that Piku puts, you can easily get some glimpses of her inner vulnerabilities.

The direction is impeccable. You may notice that when the Real Estate broker flies in from Kolkata,  he has an airline tag on his bag. This wouldn’t have been noticed if it wasn’t there, but it just shows the attention to detail by the Director.

The movie drags after a while. It is constipated itself, like it’s much constipated Bhaskor. It doesn’t flow from one frame to another. After a while, you feel that maybe there are TOO many references to “motion”. Maybe more than were necessary to keep the flow of the movie smooth.

As Amitabh Bachchan’s character leaves a message with the receptionist, the movie too has a free flow and then three consecutive days of constipation. It kind of stops from going anywhere and gets stuck and doesn’t seem to make it where it should.


Piku is shown to be a very practical girl who takes each day as it comes, without losing her live for her obnoxious father, who is so selfish that he wants her all for himself, even restricting her at times, under the pretext that women should be independent. His hypocrisy becomes clearer, when he doesn’t even trust her to drive even when Irfan (Rana) expresses that “driving makes women independent “.


The story seems to be good, but the screenplay is so weak that even good editing couldn’t have saved it.

I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t watch it. If you have some time to kill, do go ahead and if you are tickled easily, you may even like it.

My Rating: 2.5/5


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