Baby – Go Watch

Baby is a must watch. Neeraj Pandey does it again – almost. If you loved his ‘A Wednesday ‘ and Special 26, you will love this too, even though it isn’t up there with his earlier work.


Having said that, the first half of baby is slow and by the interval, you might feel that it’s boring too, but sit through the end and you will not regret bearing the first half. It is most of the things that you expect a Neeraj Pandey movie to be: Thrilling, edge of the seat and with a twist in the tale. But even before you get to the twist, you can predict it already. So its predictability is the only thing that goes against it.

But there still are a few tricks towards the climax that you hadn’t anticipated. You remain glued to your seat and wait for the tale to unravel.

The best performance in Baby comes from Danny Denzongpa.  He reminds you of Maroof Raza and I believe his character is based on our own Head of Intelligence who, inspite of being a Muslim is first an Indian at heart and makes you proud of him.


Accolades to the casting director Vicky Sadana, especially for casting Rashid Naz as the menacing  maulana who reminds you of the disgusting ISI chief. Pandey has taken his characters from real life and even the voice modulation for some of them has been done according to the characters they emulate.

Akshay Kumar makes you believe in his character and not for a moment are you reminded that he is a superstar.  KK and Anupam Kher shine in the short but important roles they are doled. Overall, you must go out this weekend and catch Baby. An effort like this shouldn’t g ok unapplauded.

My Rating: 3/5


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