When you watch this movie, you find it really hard to believe that you’re seeing the same Jennifer Aniston who you best remembered as Rachel Greene from Friends. As Claire, she has outdone herself in the acting department AND has managed to look ugly-ish! She opens your eyes to talents that you would never have imagined that she may possess. She seems to have put her heart and soul into this movie and you can actually feel the pain that she is in – both physically, and emotionally, after the accident which leaves her scarred and in which she loses her only son.


The movie has another great performer – Adrianna Barazza as the maid who stands by Aniston’s side throughout her journey to get to terms with her loss. The screenwriter Patrick Tobin takes you on a journey with her through unexpected twists, but the movie falls short in the editing department, by being a bit too long and repetitive in places.

The climax does succeed in turning the movie around when she finally accepts her pain and vents out her anger at the man who was responsible for the accident.

Jennifer Aniston nails the bitchiness and dry sense fo humor of her character and at the same time you can’t help but empathise with her because of what she has gone through.


If you are up for some dark, slow paced drama and some great performances, this is your movie to watch.

My Rating – 3.5/5



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