Tevar – Zzzzzz

Tevar is another dose of the slow poison that Arjun Kapoor seems to be taking blindly. His past few movies except for 2 States has been professional Harakiri.


If he were not a big wig producer’s son,  he would have sunk without a trace by now. Look at the actually talented actors like Sushant Singh! How often do we see those Godfather-less actors, however good they may be, giving back to back releases? That too totally crappy ones?!

Coming back to the movie, it’s another one in the series of Gunday – Kill Dil – Action Jackson – Blah! Basically movies by directors who ask you to “leave your brains at home”, when you go to watch their movies.

Set in Agra and documenting the over exaggerated life and times of Agrey ka launda Pintu and Mathurey ka gunda Gajendra, played by Manoj Bajpayee. It pains you to see an amazing actor like Manoj Bajpayee wasted in this freakshow.


Rest is the same old blood, lathis , swords, guns and blood. Nothing new at all! Sonakshi Sinha too is same old- same old!

You don’t want to see this one. Stay home and just take a nap rather than falling asleep while watching this disaster of a movie.

My Rating – 0.5/5



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