Ask Me Anything – The Point Being?

Although this movie didn’t have a good IMDB rating, but from the posters, it seemed like a chick flick- one of my favourite genres.


No doubt this movie is riveting but one fails to see the point, as it is fiction, not a real story. We need a hint!
What’s it about anyway??

We see a nymphomaniac, apparently due to her being molested as a child who starts a blog under a pseudo name. Understood!

The director wanted it to seem like a thriller or a mystery. But these elements do not creep in till the last two minutes of the movie. I would say, it’s more a fantasy.

It is not a bad movie. It is very well written, surprisingly engaging and you wouldn’t feel like budging from your seat while watching it. The actors do a wonderful job and some of the subtle performances really come across and keep you wrapped into the experience.

But don’t be fooled. It has no deeper meaning, no second layer or no thrill, although the director gets ambitious towards the end to meet that goal, but all in vain.


Martin Sheen could have done more, but my personal guess for the end is that it is he who takes Katie away, either being the sex offender that he already is, or probably because he actually is a nice guy as he explains.

However much you may criticise this movie for its ending, everyone will agree that it makes up for an entertaining watch right till the last few minutes of the movie.

Watch it for its story and be ready to be disappointed with the end.

My Rating- 3/5



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