The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Review

Instead of dividing the book into two parts,  had the makers made it crisper and adapted it into one single movie,  maybe a lot of mystery could have been preserved.


Unlike the earlier movies in the series,  this one has a slower pace and is dark,  with fewer action sequences than one would’ve liked it too have.

Julienne Moore and Woody Harrelson’s characters will grow on you and you will start liking them. Late Seymour Hoffman takes over and Donald Sutherland has enough menace. On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence is not the center of the movie in this one but is still amazing as Katniss. But I bet your favourites will still be Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair.


There are some cringeworthy moments like when the dogs in the bombed down town are looking for human flesh to feed on.

One can’t help but admire the cinematography.

The movie hits some plateaus in between but the most annoying part is that in the end the movie doesn’t lead anywhere and that maybe because they want you to wait for the sequel but that wasn’t absolutely necessary and makes this one tad disappointing.

Having said that, it doesn’t fail to move you in places,  so much so that the three finger salute might become a thing at political rallies.

To sum it,  it’s ok to watch it once just for the beauty with which it has been shot but it could’ve still been a much better movie of it were handles more wisely. So skip it if you have something better to do.

My Rating: 2/5



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