Happy Ending Movie Review

Happy Ending is blant, lacklustre and boring.  It looks like it’s own B grade spoof. Saif needs to do either of the two things :
1. Select roles that suit him and his age.
2. At least do justice to the crappy roles he seems to be selecting off late.

He seems to be stuck in the Kal Ho Na Ho era and in serious self denial.


He looks weird, acts weird and seems like a caricature of his old self. Considering his recent choice of movies, I think he needs to take a break and review his career choice. It’s not like he can’t act ( that has been well established by his portrayal of Langda Tyagi), but he doesn’t seem to be getting a chance to prove himself.  He seriously needs to get out of the non – committal guy falling for the fun loving babe??!! frame.

I don’t even want to get started on Ileana D’cruz.  I think she might suit arty roles and traditional characters and should keep away from modern glam image, because it’s just not her.


Coming to the silver linings in this dark cloud of crappy cinema, we have Ranvir Shorey, Kalki and Govinda, in that order. 

I wish Ranvir Shorey had a longer presence than he has. There was no need of the bearded Pritam look-alike. That role could have been performed much better than Ranvir. And that might have made the movie much more interesting.

Kalki does justice to her role and Govinda in his cameo, stands out and keeps one wishing for more.  I hope he selects his movies better in future.

Overall,  it’s a below average movie and disappoints.

My Rating: 2/5



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