Finding Fanny – Slow Death


Just came back from watching Finding Fanny. Read the review by Raja Sen on Rediff, in the morning and trusting him, I committed the blunder of going and watching it today.

My friend who went with me played Candy Crush the whole time. She is a fan of masala movies, so I wouldn’t blame her. But I like all kinds of movies. My choice of movies ranges from Shawshank Redemption to Hangover, from DDLJ to Lunchbox, from Ijaazat to Wanted. I enjoy all kinds of movies, but this one was empty. Nothing to understand, no pace, no flow and no layers even.

You can’t call it a mainstream Bollywood movie, or an Art movie or even a movie for the multiplex audience. People were literally leaving the hall midway.

I can’t blame the actors at all. They try their best and are the only saving grace of this otherwise loosely scripted movie.


Naseeruddin Shah doesn’t get to show his talent, which he has no scarcity of otherwise. I would say the story gives him a chance but the script does not. Deepika Padukone tries her best but I feel that Homi doesn’t know what to do with this superstar who is turning into a wonderful actress.

Arjun Kapoor lacks the much needed chemistry and Pankaj Kapur’s character doesn’t get a chance to develop.  What a waste!

All I want to say to Raja Sen- REALLY!!!!!

My Rating – 2/5
(Only for the fine actors that are wasted here)


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