Shopping Online in India

Being a little lazy, I prefer online shopping to roaming in a mall or a busy marketplace. Even if u don’t buy anything, at least you don’t have to move your ass doing it.

This is the reason why I have single handedly given a kickstart to the businesses of a few sites (literally!ย  One of the leading sites mentions explicitly that their first order was from Gwalior).

I started my online shopping sprees from A decent site, no frills, laid back delivery, you get what you see and get a fair delivery. They do not promise you that they will deliver the next day and they keep their promise ๐Ÿ˜›

Before going further, I must advice you to NEVER EVER buy a perfume online. The first thing I bought online was a CK perfume for my husband from


It was what they had promised.. An EDT. So it wouldn’t last too long. But can’t blame them coz thats what they had committed.

Anyway, is a site that I still buy from after many years since they first started. So I would certainly recommend it. If you like something on this site, do buy it. You don’t need to think twice.

One site that I would not recommend at all is It’s one of those sites where they will have so much fine print and so many ambiguities in their description and representation of the products that you will end up getting a product of a totally different color and of a size which will not be anywhere near to what you were expecting to get. And if you call their customer care, by the end of talking to them, you will feel like stabbing yourself for buying from them.

I still have a camouflage jacket that my hubby bought from and which would have fitted him 🔟 years back… But definitely not now. He ordered the size he usually wears but got a totally different print and size. Now I am looking for being invited to any size zero guy’s birthday, so that I can gift the jacket to him ๐Ÿ˜‰


Coming to Flipkart – This is undoubtedly one of the bestest sites in India for online shoppers. You name it and you find it on Flipkart. And their service is awesome too. And if I may say, one of the best available.

One suggestion though- they must show other products that the same seller is selling. It might save you on the shipping costs. I would personally suggest buying from WS Retail on Flipkart. It has excellent delivery and customer service (Why and How? We’ll discuss some other day).


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